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Don't Feed the Elephant


People say that you're not supposed to play with your food. But the adventurous little elephant in Don't Feed the Elephant  never got the message. This charming children's story won't just entertain kids with its hilarious deescriptions and zany main character. It will also educate them about the alphabet and help them learn the order of letters. As the elephant works his way through food stuffs, each new dish features a new letter of the alphabet. From animal crackers to zebra cakes, the elephant is enthusiastic to gobble everything up, even when it lands him in hot water. 


-Get ready for some seriously messy fun with food in this entertaining picture book from award-winning author Sherry Ellis. The narrator of this allegory warns the reader that if the elephant asks you for a snack, simply say no. For if you do appease the elephant with snacks, you are sure to end up a ripe mess. It appears that elephants, perhaps, don't have the best table-- err ... trunk--manners. The young boy pictured throughout the book finds himself with a face covered in chocolate and cotton candy for a wig. He runs from burgers that are flung like Frisbees and a popcorn-quiche tornado, and he also uses an umbrella to stay dry from a trunk-induced lemonade rain. Readers that pay attention will also discover that the snacks that the elephant works through--from animal crackers to zebra cakes--are cleverly alphabetized. Most stories are open to interpretation and this tale has several important themes: 1. Don't feed wild animals. 2. Don't forget your table manners. 3. Don't forget that books can be simple and pure fun. Filled with colorful cartoon-style illustrations by Md. Anwar, Don't Feed the Elephant! is a bright and entertaining picture book that is likely to appeal to fans of Laura Numeroff's ever-popular If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (HarperCollins, 1985) and Judy Barrett's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1978).

--The Children's Book Review (


-Sherry has done it again! Another lovely work that helps children learn as well as be captivated by the content of this book. Best story line from A to Z and with wonderful and delightful illustrations to match. Cute as well as engaging. Your children will love this book.

Terrie Sizemore - Educator, Publisher, Author


-Little ones will doubtlessly be captivated by not only the humorous verse, but the bold, bright illustrations which combine to make a fun read, as entertaining as it is educational. A great any time read, as to read it solely at bedtime will undoubtedly herald a later than usual bedtime due to cries of 'again! again!'. - Tracy Terry @ Pen and Paper


Finalist in the "Animals/Pets: General Category" of the 2018 International Book Awards

Honorable Mention in the Animal/Pets Category of the 2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 

Paperback,  36 pages

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